Every virtual assistant should have a portfolio. Having one ensure you are efficient and effective when communicating your skills, services, packages & pricings with your prospective clients without having to write & write over & over again, sometimes multiple times a day. Other than efficiency & effectiveness, a portfolio helps present you in a more professional manner and you get to answer a lot of your client’s prospective questions in advance.


Below are the 4 major things your portfolio should have

  1. Introduction/Bio: This should be the first segment in your portfolio. It’s a chance to show off your personality (a little) and introduce yourself and any other pertinent information. This should be short, fun & straight to the point.
  2. Skills & any other qualifications: Use this segment to highlight your skills, especially the ones that are important to or related to the services you offer. You should itemize them and avoid switching between 1st & 3rd person as I have see a lot of.
  3. The next segment should have your services and the fees payable. This is also a great place to expantiate on your services in detail, sell your service and make it attractive to your prospects
  4. Testimonials come next. It is a well-known fact that people find it easier to purchase based on the recommendations of others.

You are definitely welcome to include any other segments you deem fit but your emphasis should be on these 4.


Do you have a virtual assistant portfolio?