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Every now & then, I hear Virtual Assistants mention the need to have extra hours in the day as it never seems to be enough. Many Virtual Assistants are busy but not overwhelmed or burned out because there is a process to follow. Below are 3 habits of successful Virtual Assistants

1. They are organized.

Working on & in your business requires a certain level of organization. You need to be able to meet up with your deadlines and make your clients feel they are the only clients you have, even when juggling multiple accounts/clients. The only way to do this is to have a TO-DO LIST. Write down your tasks & deliverable and when they are due. Having your list at arm’s length is bliss and ticking off those items is pure Bliss, pun intended.

I love a great note pad and pen but nothing beats having my to-do list on my mobile, because it goes everywhere I do and it fits in my back pocket.
WUNDERLIST is an app that allows you to create a to do list, share it with someone, a client or team member and tick off your list when you are done. Pretty cool.

2. They Automate

Automating your day to day processes can free up some major time for you. It helps you increase efficiency and productivity especially if these are processes you do evereyday. Quite a number of things can be automated. From E-mail to social media posts. Take advantage of automation wherever you can find it to shorten your turn around time.

As a VA, I use MailChimp to automatically send my portfolio to prospects who send me an email on some specific portals. E-mail autoresponders, business WhatsApp welcome messages, quick replies in Instagram are a few automations VAs can take advantage of. CRMs like Trello & Asana also have great automation tools that are awesome.

3. They take social media seriously. My VA firm has been booked out for months and all our current clients found us on social media, Instagram specifically. So I don’t joke with social media because I know how powerful and effective it can be if harnessed properly.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are great platforms for VAs to find paying clients.

There are best practices for every single business, the key to growing & succeeding is knowing what obtains in your community and making it work for you.

Did you find this useful? Share other habits of successful virtual assistants you know.

Banke is a Virtual Assistant Coach, Mentor & OBM

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    Wow, this is indeed very helpful. I will do well to add it to my daily affirmations. Thanks alot

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