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Course/membership platforms are our focus today.

Here are some course platforms and they are arranged in my order of preference, as I’ve used them for myself and my clients. Of course, I’d be listing their pros & cons.

Online course/membership platforms

Plans: 28day free trial, from $149/monthNow this platform is the Holy Grail of course platforms. It’s a 1 in all platform that eliminates the need to use a lot of other software/platforms online course creators use, saving you money and a lot of back & forth. You can have a website, blog, integrate with 3rd party platforms, create pipelines, set up a membership site, create a checkout page, automate emails, everything you need to promote your course/membership site. Long story short, it’s the bombdiggity.
PROS:* Everything you need in one place

  • incredible support.

CONS* No free plan* Price is quite steep* It doesn’t integrate with our local payment portals

Plan: $100 one off purchase.
Now this platform is so good but very hush hush. Beta launches this platform every quarter, so you have to get in a wait list to purchase if you miss the launch.It’s built on WordPress and allows you to create membership sites, host your courses, and it Integrates with a lot of platforms you will need, to promote your courses on autopilot.Now the cherry on the cake… Integrates with Paystack whoop whoop through a WordPress plugin. Now that’s a life saver, don’t you think so?
* It’s backed up with all the wonders of WordPress through plugins*No monthly payments* You can receive payment on Paystack and enroll your students automatically. It doesn’t get better than that.
* It’s launched quarterly, so you have to wait ☹️

TRAINQUARTERSPlans : $29/month upwardsNow this platform is from the trailblazer Stephanie Obi and it works perfectly for us in Nigeria/Africa because you can receive payments via all portals(Paystack, flutterwave) available to us, which is wonderful.You get email marketing, course hosting, custom domain, 3rd party Integration and it’s got a lovely easy to use interface.
* Made for Africa by an African who gets our peculiar needs* Receive your payment without redirects/ 3rd party automation
* No FREE plan. To get a free trial, join the mailing lists to get access.

Online course/membership platforms

Well that’s for lack of a better name😁
You can create a membership/course site on your self hosted WordPress website with some membership plugins & content protectionPROS
* No cost at all, well except for your hosting & domain
CONS* None that I can think of right now.

Plans: FREE, Basic $49/month upwards
I love this platform because it’s so easy to use. You can create a membership or upload your courses, create landing pages for those courses, integrate with 3rd party apps, use a checkout system the whole nine yards.The FREE plan is an added bonus. Though it has quite a few limitations of course but it’s great for beginners.
PROS:* You can have up to 3 courses on the free plan with unlimited students!* Very simple and easy to use dashboard.* Incredible support.
CONS:* You will go back & forth as you have to use other integrations to get the best out of the platform.* Doesn’t integrate with our local payment portals.

Plans: FREE, $29/Month up
This platform is arguably the most popular platform for good reason. It has basically the same features as Thinkific however I feel that Thinkific is an easier platform to use for newbies who are looking to save money. Their FREE plan isn’t as robust as Thinkific.In the next post, we will talk about 3rd party Integrations that you need to get those sleep coins.

Next Post, we will talk about 3rd party integrations

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