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Monetizing your knowledge is the way to go. Like Stephanie Obi will say, Knowledge is the new gold! Every time I wrap up a course/membership site set up for clients, a successful test through the funnel is always a cause to cheer. Now she can sell her course on autopilot. Now that’s getting your sleep coins!

However, getting your coins is impossible when you have to receive your payment via direct transfer, manually enroll every student, deliver your courses via Facebook/WhatsApp/Telegram groups where your content isn’t really protected and you have to go through the process of teaching over and over again.

The beauty of monetizing your knowledge is doing the work once and earning from it over and over again.

I remember when I sold my first course, delivering it was a full-time job. It was stressful and time-consuming. I used a private Facebook group to deliver it and by the time I was done delivering the course, I was tired…more painful for me was that a lot of the students couldn’t keep up and I felt that they weren’t getting value for their money. I did this multiple times until I found a solution. Online course platforms!

You see, you should be able to create a course, promote it on your social media platform/ set an ad in motion for it, and have people visit your landing page, pay online & get instant access to your courses without your direct input.

You haven’t begun to earn sleep coins until you get to this point. Nothing is as satisfying as payment notifications on your locked screen.

Here’s a simple strategy for you:

Upload your course content to a course platform of your choice

Create a simple landing page with details of your course ( you don’t need a website for this)

Redirect your CTAs to your payment page (Paystack, Flutterwave, PayPal, Stripe)

Promote your course/membership

Send course login details to your students after payment. (This can be automated)

It really is that simple. In the next post, we will discuss platforms.

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