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As a serial entrepreneur who launched her first business when I was 13, I have always had a way to supplement my income. One of the most notable businesses I launched in my 25 years of entrepreneurship was my interior design business. One that I launched from a skill I acquired tackling a pain point that I had when I was newly married. This would go on to become a very profitable venture but also a point of reference to business lessons learned.


After waiting to add a new member to my family of 3 for 6 years, I finally got pregnant and was placed on bedrest to ensure that I carried to full term. The lack of processes and systems in my interior design business became glaring when my “team” could not handle client jobs without my direct supervision. It became imperative to put things on hold until I had my baby.


The year 2016 would usher in the birth and loss of the long awaited baby and another surprise pregnancy. I suddenly found myself homebound from illness, slowly recovering from my second c-section in 11 months, nursing a premature baby who was 4 weeks early, weighed 1.8kg and needed a lot of care even as I secretly grieved the baby I lost. 


However, amidst all these issues, I suffered more from the loss of my self esteem and self worth because I was totally dependent on my husband and mother for sustenance. It was really humiliating to not be able to use what I had acquired a taste for when I was financially independent. Nothing depresses you like being unable to make money when you have successfully done so in the past. 


After a particularly terrible time, I cried sad sad tears and set up the greatest pity party for myself. When I was done, I decided to make a decision to change my situation. I needed to find a way to earn money from the comfort of my home and that’s how I stumbled on Virtual Assistance. 


Finding relevant content was pretty stressful for me and of course I couldn’t afford to buy a course to help me. There was a lot of trial and error when I was launching but I eventually found my way. I launched out as a social media manager and eventually evolved to setting up my TECH SERVICE AGENCY with clients all over the world.


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A few years after I launched as a virtual assistant, I decided to coach other women on how to become virtual assistants for 2 major reasons. One, I remembered how difficult it was for me to find relevant content to launch and I was determined to bridge that gap. Secondly, I was enjoying my virtual assistant business as I was hitting and surpassing income goals as I worked from home affording me the ability to be the hands-on mum that I have always wanted to be. I couldn’t keep it to myself and so I began to teach aspiring virtual assistants. I have gone on to show over 200 women how to set up profitable virtual assistant businesses since then.

Launching the coaching arm of my business showed me certain realities. A lot of the women who need virtual assistant training are women who cannot afford to purchase the course to help them get started. It reminded me of the sad days when I was unable to afford a $10 course to help me get started.  So I created the Tech platform ANNE RUTH MARIE, created for women to be able to access premium FREE virtual assistant courses to get started and launch profitably. This platform was launched in October 2021 and currently has about 250 women. A great majority of them have launched their virtual assistant businesses working with local & international clients. 


My main goal is to empower the everyday woman who finds herself in dire straits or looking for an alternative means of earning a living or who needs to fight to get her self-worth back by being financially independent, whether she can afford the training or not.

My virtual assistant courses & training lays emphasis on building sustainable structure for virtual assistant businesses, taking the lessons I learned from the failure of my interior design business in 2015. I believe that women should focus on creating a profitable & sustainable work from home businesses harnessing the power of technology and automation so that they can create generational wealth even as they fulfill their roles as women, wives & mothers.

I foresee a future where the self-worth, self-esteem & happiness of women are on an all-time high because they are financially independent and able to take care of themselves, contribute to their families, and are valuable & beneficial to their communities leading to a more wholesome society.

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