When I was growing up, my mum used to comment on m ability to move on quickly from an issue or challenge I faced. She would have understood if I still moped around or wore a long face but I just couldn’t do that. I absolutely refused to spend time mourning a situation that I couldn’t help or change.

My philosophy was to learn the lesson and move on. Sometimes it wasn’t the easiest thing to do especially after a breakup or a huge disappointment. I however learned to learn from my mistakes and never repeat them.

When my husband handed me an itty bitty dollhouse when we were to get married, I was deeply seriously disappointed as I saw all my plans for a grand house go out of the window like smoke. The house was that bad. But then I realized that I may not have gotten my dream house but I could make it liveable. Successfully doing this made clients out of my visitor and I eventually launched an interior design firm a few years after. 

It solidified to me how important your disposition is towards your challenges. 

So when I found myself homebound in 2016, ill, nursing a prem baby, broker than a church mouse, I was reminded that it was possible to make diamonds from coals, proceeded to take charge of the things I could change – which was to find a way to make money from home while I waited on God to heal me.

That was the start of my virtual assistant business. A few years ago, I began to think about other women who were in situations similar to mine, some couldn’t work outside the home because their husbands forbade them to, others just didn’t know what to do and because of this I began to coach & teach, showing women how to build profitable work from home businesses, but dearer to m heart are the ladies who couldn’t afford the courses and training and for them, I designed the tech platform ANNE RUTH MARIE where women can go to access FREE premum Virtual Assistant Training. 

I am the Lead techie at A-List Tech Support LLC, an ambivert (51% Introverted & 49% extroverted- yes I took a test, lol), I love all genres of music but soft rock tops the list. 

According to my siblings, I have the worst combination of temperaments ever – Sanguine & Choleric. So I can be the life of the party today and a real-life hermit tomorrow. I experience mood swings in the blink of an eye and I have the attention span of a toddler.

However, I have been able to harness my strengths even as I come to terms with them and work on my weakness because they are known to me. That’s the very foundation of self-leadership!

I believe that self leadership is the key to all-round growth and every woman should take the responsibility for her life.

Dr. Cindy Trimm is such an inspiring example of self-leadership. Moving from such humble beginnings to where she now does not just happen by chance. She took the opportunities she found and made use of it judiciously. 

So many women who are/were successful like Oprah, Maya Angelou, J.K. Rowling to name a few are women who refused to see their challenges as stumbling blocks no matter how bad things got. They are prime examples of self-leaders and I know that if they could do it, I can, you can too.

You Can Be Anything You Want..It's In You

I’m also a mom to two lovely princesses and wife to the always dapper Rev Femi Adebayo of Femi Adebayo Global Ministries and we live in Lagos, Nigeria.

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