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The Virtual Assistant And Social Media

Social media is a very vital tool for business growth where the virtual assistant is concerned. Working remotely means that you have no work in clients and will rely heavily on networking, referrals & social media. Social media is indispensable to the virtual assistant.

Unfortunately, there is nothing black & white about social media marketing. Neither are there any “one size fits all” solutions for social media issues. A quote I read somewhere had this to say about social media “Build it and they will come doesn’t apply to social media. You have to grow it, build it, engage and they MAY come”.


This isn’t meant to scare you as there are various tactics you can employ to make social media work for you as a virtual assistant.

Below are 8 tips for virtual assistants using social media

  1. Have a social media marketing goal. What are you on social media for? Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Increase visibility? Establish credibility? Book clients? Have a goal.
  • Use your link in bio. It can house the link to your website, your freebie, your portfolio or your preferred mode of communication e.g WhatsApp. Your bio should also state categorically what you do, especially the kind of virtual assistant you are (what your niche is) so you only get enquiries from prospects who need the service you render.
  • Your content is important when using social media for business. Strive to give value to your audience especially in areas of your expertise. However don’t get so carried away establishing credibility that you forget to promote your services.
  • Create a posting schedule and stick to it. Showing up once a week is not showing up on social media. One way to show up regularly on social media is to use social media management tools like scheduling apps.
  • Engage, engage, engage. Social media is for socializing; never forget to socialize on social media. Read captions and leave meaningful comments. People tend to visit profiles of people who left comments on their posts, I know I do.
  • Use hashtags on platforms that require it. Platforms like Instagram & Twitter need hashtags . Use hashtags that are relevant to posts to get the most out of your posts.
  • Use all the features on social media to grow your business, Features like stories & IGTV on Instagram, video tutorials on Pinterest…..know them all and use them to increase your visibility on social media.
  • Run ads. Paid reach trumps organic reach every time!! Need to increase audience, increase visibility……run ads, simple! It’s advisable to run ads at least 10days every month. Showing up regularly on social media without running ads will yield little to no results.

Social media marketing is essential to the growth of your virtual assistant business. Which of these tips did you find useful the most?

3 habits of successful Virtual Assistants

Every now & then, I hear Virtual Assistants mention the need to have extra hours in the day as it never seems to be enough. Many Virtual Assistants are busy but not overwhelmed or burned out because there is a process to follow. Below are 3 habits of successful Virtual Assistants

1. They are organized.

Working on & in your business requires a certain level of organization. You need to be able to meet up with your deadlines and make your clients feel they are the only clients you have, even when juggling multiple accounts/clients. The only way to do this is to have a TO-DO LIST. Write down your tasks & deliverable and when they are due. Having your list at arm’s length is bliss and ticking off those items is pure Bliss, pun intended.

I love a great note pad and pen but nothing beats having my to-do list on my mobile, because it goes everywhere I do and it fits in my back pocket.
WUNDERLIST is an app that allows you to create a to do list, share it with someone, a client or team member and tick off your list when you are done. Pretty cool.

2. They Automate

Automating your day to day processes can free up some major time for you. It helps you increase efficiency and productivity especially if these are processes you do evereyday. Quite a number of things can be automated. From E-mail to social media posts. Take advantage of automation wherever you can find it to shorten your turn around time.

As a VA, I use MailChimp to automatically send my portfolio to prospects who send me an email on some specific portals. E-mail autoresponders, business WhatsApp welcome messages, quick replies in Instagram are a few automations VAs can take advantage of. CRMs like Trello & Asana also have great automation tools that are awesome.

3. They take social media seriously. My VA firm has been booked out for months and all our current clients found us on social media, Instagram specifically. So I don’t joke with social media because I know how powerful and effective it can be if harnessed properly.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are great platforms for VAs to find paying clients.

There are best practices for every single business, the key to growing & succeeding is knowing what obtains in your community and making it work for you.

Did you find this useful? Share other habits of successful virtual assistants you know.

Banke is a Virtual Assistant Coach, Mentor & OBM


Every virtual assistant should have a portfolio. Having one ensure you are efficient and effective when communicating your skills, services, packages & pricings with your prospective clients without having to write & write over & over again, sometimes multiple times a day. Other than efficiency & effectiveness, a portfolio helps present you in a more professional manner and you get to answer a lot of your client’s prospective questions in advance.


Below are the 4 major things your portfolio should have

  1. Introduction/Bio: This should be the first segment in your portfolio. It’s a chance to show off your personality (a little) and introduce yourself and any other pertinent information. This should be short, fun & straight to the point.
  2. Skills & any other qualifications: Use this segment to highlight your skills, especially the ones that are important to or related to the services you offer. You should itemize them and avoid switching between 1st & 3rd person as I have see a lot of.
  3. The next segment should have your services and the fees payable. This is also a great place to expantiate on your services in detail, sell your service and make it attractive to your prospects
  4. Testimonials come next. It is a well-known fact that people find it easier to purchase based on the recommendations of others.

You are definitely welcome to include any other segments you deem fit but your emphasis should be on these 4.


Do you have a virtual assistant portfolio?


The 3Ps of virtual assistance are processes, packages & pricing. These 3 Ps are very important aspects of a virtual assistant’s business as your efficiency and livelihood is dependent on these. No virtual assistant should begin to promote their services without these 3 Ps in place.

Processes: This is how you have planned to run your business. From the time a prospective client contacts you to the time you get paid by said client. Here are some major questions you need to answer when creating your process

How do you want to be found and contacted? Will you use social media? What platform? Are you getting a website or will a landing page suffice in the meantime. What are your requirements, what are your rates? Are your contracts & portfolio ready? What kind of CRM have you chosen to use if any. Long story short, you must have a client on-boarding /off-boarding process in place no matter how simple. As you grow, you can always scale your virtual assistance processes


Packages: The service you intend to render and its other pertinent details belong in your package. You need to consider your work hours and expertise when creating a package. It is always a great idea to present your clients with options so have at least 2 packages, a regular & a premium package to choose from. One should have something the other doesn’t have which will explain the difference in fees. You can add more to packages as you grow and scale your business.

Pricing: This is creating remuneration you want to receive based on your availability & skill level. This is one aspect a lot of Virtual Assistants have issues with, pricing their packages appropriately. Here’s a general rule of thumb, check out your industry standards, your skill level and availability (hours you have to work). Then consider what income you are looking to earn. This will help you price your virtual assistance services accordingly.

The 3Ps of virtual assistance cannot be ignored or pushed aside. It is the very core of your business and should be sorted out before you begin your Virtual assistant.

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Become A Virtual Assistant In 5 Simple Steps

When people ask me what I do and I tell them, I often get the question, who is a virtual assistant, and then how can I become one. I will tell you who a virtual assistant is and how you can become one in 5 simple steps.

A virtual assistant is a professional who offers a service to an individual or business REMOTELY. The most important aspect of being a virtual assistant is the fact that you are able to work from the comfort of your home or a vacation spot. Your current location is not a hindrance or barrier or prerequisite for you. This makes virtual assisting the best side hustle or a great career choice for a stay at home mom/dad. Great news, yeah?

Now that you have decided to become a virtual assistant, below are the 5 simple steps you need to take.

  1. Decide on a service to offer. There are over 50 services a virtual assistant can offer which make it a very versatile business. The services you offer are entirely dependent on your skill set. What do you know how to do naturally, have learned how to do over time or are willing to get trained to do now. Those are the factors that will determine what services you should offer to your prospective clients.
  2. Choose a social media platform as your online office space. A website is great but a social media profile is essential. Make sure your profile says what you do and how you can be reached.
  3. Now it’s time to create your packages and price your services. Here’s a general rule of thumb, Decide how many hours of the day you will be available to work for. Then determine how much you intend to earn on a monthly basis. This will give you a raw estimate of what you can charge your clients based on the number of hours it will take to work for them. Now do some research and see what the asking rate is for services or packages that are similar to yours. Here’s my advice, try to avoid charging too high especially when you are just starting out. Build momentum and grow, then with the confidence that comes with experience, increase your price to correlate with your expertise.
  4. It’s time to work on your processes. These will include your client on-boarding process, contracts & agreements, payments & invoices. Getting these right before you begin will make signing up your first client a breeze and it will increase your chances of retaining that client based on your professionalism
  5. Now it’s time to sign your first client: There’s something called a warm list. This is a list of friends and family who love you and will be willing to listen to you. Send an e-mail/WhatsApp message/Text message to them informing them of your new business venture and why you will make a perfect VA for their business. Now, please note that you may not receive favorable responses from them with a great majority telling you it won’t work. So, expect that and of course, move on. Cold calling is also a great way to find clients. Finally, social media is a great place to find and sign up new clients. About 75% of my clients found me via social media. Start by making sure your posts are about your service and what you can do for your clients.Finally, running facebook ads is a great way to get in front of new people every day.

There you have it, 5 simple ways to start your virtual assistant business.

The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Content Creation

Creating content that increase engagement & visibility that will eventually translate to sales does not necessarily have to be tasking, all you require is a little creativity & focus.

I will always stress the need to plan if you will churn out great content day in day out without chewing the lids of your pen, literally. Remember social media is about giving value in an area where you are the expert. How do you place yourself as the expert when 3 out of every 4 post is pushing a product. To a lot of social media users, you are only a sales person, not necessarily an expert on the issues people who use your product may have.

In other to create content that will attract your target clients/customers, the only thing to do is identify what their issues are ( pain points) and list them out. Write out various solutions to said problems and pick a topic to expand on weekly. Let your content for that one week center around that topic, from quotes to jokes to tips and choose a product that deals with that pain point to showcase at the end of the week. In other words, prime your followers in preparation for your product.

Below are 20 post ideas for you to fill in and flesh out.

Quotes are always a hit

Fill-in-the-blank posts


Behind-the-scenes photos: share pictures or videos of your office or workshop

Questions: simple straight forward questions

Share a helpful resource

Recommend a tool for your niche, one that your followers will find valuable

Share a favorite book:

A day in the life post, possibly a video if you can

Recommend your favorite products for business or anything that catches your fancy

 Share random tips

 Share funny videos/meme

Ask for advice

Offer freebies & giveaways

Take a trip down memory lane

 Tell a story: Fact or Fiction

Recommend someone else to follow on social media

Showcase your products or services

Share client/customer reviews

Share your bucket list

Content creation for social media should be a breeze.However if you need help creating content & will like to purchase a social media content calendar specifically designed for your niche, Click HERE