Creating content that increase engagement & visibility that will eventually translate to sales does not necessarily have to be tasking, all you require is a little creativity & focus.

I will always stress the need to plan if you will churn out great content day in day out without chewing the lids of your pen, literally. Remember social media is about giving value in an area where you are the expert. How do you place yourself as the expert when 3 out of every 4 post is pushing a product. To a lot of social media users, you are only a sales person, not necessarily an expert on the issues people who use your product may have.

In other to create content that will attract your target clients/customers, the only thing to do is identify what their issues are ( pain points) and list them out. Write out various solutions to said problems and pick a topic to expand on weekly. Let your content for that one week center around that topic, from quotes to jokes to tips and choose a product that deals with that pain point to showcase at the end of the week. In other words, prime your followers in preparation for your product.

Below are 20 post ideas for you to fill in and flesh out.

  1. Quotes are always a hit
  2. Fill-in-the-blank posts
  3. Poll
  4. Behind-the-scenes photos: share pictures or videos of your office or workshop
  5. Questions: simple straight forward questions
  6. Share a helpful resource
  7. Recommend a tool for your niche, one that your followers will find valuable
  8. Share a favorite book:
  9. A day in the life post, possibly a video if you can
  10. Recommend your favorite products for business or anything that catches your fancy
  11.  Share random tips
  12.  Share funny videos/meme
  13. Ask for advice
  14. Offer freebies & giveaways
  15. Take a trip down memory lane
  16.  Tell a story: Fact or Fiction
  17. Recommend someone else to follow on social media
  18. Showcase your products or services
  19. Share client/customer reviews
  20. Share your bucket list Content creation for social media should be a breeze.

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