social media management

for beginners

Social Media is unavoidable if your business must remain relevant


If you are a VA who is interested in offering social media management services and want to do so professionally

You are a business owner who cant afford to hire a social media manager and is interested in using social media to grow your business

You are a business owner who is interested in knowing what to expect from a social media manager you hired

A business owner who wants a staff trained on social media management so they can render this service for your organization.


When does this course begin/end?

It is a self paced course. You can access it whenever you have the chance. No deadlines! It is advisable though to start and finish a module at a go.

Are there activities? 

Yes, there are activities to help you put to practice what you have learnt.

What happens if I need further clarification on any of the modules?

You can send me an e-mail and I will definitely respond within 24hours.

Is social media management a profitable business?

Oh Yes! Social media management can easily and conveniently replace your current income if you know what to do and follow the steps in this course.

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