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Delicate Wings Steel Spine
Delicate Wings Steel Spine

Hi! I'm Banke

Delicate Wings- Steel Spine – one woman’s journey to finding purpose from pain.

I wrote this book to chronicle my journey as a woman, who has experienced hardship and sadness and has developed a steel spine that belies my fragility.

This memoir follows my journey to finding purpose from pain and how the different life experiences I’ve had, prepared me to fight for my sanity and self-esteem and how I climbed out of that dark hole.

I am a Virtual Assistant Coach, Certified Mentor, Author & Speaker. I launched her virtual assistant business (A-list Virtual Assistants) in 2017 after being homebound from 2 C-sections in one year and debilitating ulcer flares that left me unable to work as I was constantly in and out of the hospital.

Today, A-List Tech LLC, as it is now known, has evolved. We now offer tech support services to online coaches & course creators with clients all over the world- in every single continent of the world, all this I built from the comfort of her home.

I am super passionate about helping women find their way to financial independence so that they can recover their self-esteem and contribute positively to their communities, fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives in the process.

This Book Will Help You….

Understand that there are lessons to be learned from even from the most inconsequential things happening to and around you.

See how your past experiences will always come in handy when you least expect them to

Stay strengthened, so that you can look past your current limitations and use them as stepping stones instead

Become equipped with valuable life lessons that will come in handy when running a business