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I came to Banke having been working freelance for many years keen to finally get the clients and let go of the 9-5 that had been holding me back for years. The weekly sessions gave me the accountability and support I needed to make take all the necessary actions to make my business more professional and visible to potential clients. I really looked forward to our weekly sessions and the tailored support - it was great working with someone who personally got my lifestyle and my professional goals. I can't thank you enough for the lease of life you've breathed into my business. I truly received more than I expected and I am so glad to have Banke in my corner and look forward to more coaching sessions in future.
Natasha Springfield
El-Rita Marketing
I registered for the Virtual Assistant boot camp at a time I felt my potentials were under utilized. I have a 9 to 5 job where I earn next to nothing. I've always wanted to work from home and I reached out to Banke Adebayo and I can say the N20,000 I paid for the boot camp is my best N20,000 investment in recent times. Banke is approachable, friendly, easy to talk to and knows her onion. I consider her family. She patiently taught me all I needed to know and her free class(es) is an added bonus. Her graphics are top notch. She understands her colors and she's not afraid of them. I call her your Virtual Assistant's Virtual Assistant. Sign up for her classes today and thank me later.
Ogochukwu Anuniru
Vanks Virtual Solutions