The 3Ps of virtual assistance are processes, packages & pricing. These 3 Ps are very important aspects of a virtual assistant’s business as your efficiency and livelihood is dependent on these. No virtual assistant should begin to promote their services without these 3 Ps in place.

Processes: This is how you have planned to run your business. From the time a prospective client contacts you to the time you get paid by said client. Here are some major questions you need to answer when creating your process

How do you want to be found and contacted? Will you use social media? What platform? Are you getting a website or will a landing page suffice in the meantime. What are your requirements, what are your rates? Are your contracts & portfolio ready? What kind of CRM have you chosen to use if any. Long story short, you must have a client on-boarding /off-boarding process in place no matter how simple. As you grow, you can always scale your virtual assistance processes


Packages: The service you intend to render and its other pertinent details belong in your package. You need to consider your work hours and expertise when creating a package. It is always a great idea to present your clients with options so have at least 2 packages, a regular & a premium package to choose from. One should have something the other doesn’t have which will explain the difference in fees. You can add more to packages as you grow and scale your business.

Pricing: This is creating remuneration you want to receive based on your availability & skill level. This is one aspect a lot of Virtual Assistants have issues with, pricing their packages appropriately. Here’s a general rule of thumb, check out your industry standards, your skill level and availability (hours you have to work). Then consider what income you are looking to earn. This will help you price your virtual assistance services accordingly.

The 3Ps of virtual assistance cannot be ignored or pushed aside. It is the very core of your business and should be sorted out before you begin your Virtual assistant.

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